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December 30
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Dec 5   Carp Aid Diem                     

Dec 8   Board Meeting

Dec 9   Dennis Trigueros, MD Covid-19

Dec 16  Nick Behrman MD,  Mountain Climbing

Dec 18  Holiday Party @ 7pm. Via Zoom

Dec 23  Dark    Merry Christmas!

Dec 31   Dark    Happy New Years!

2020 Hike to End Polio Challenge
Congratulations go out to
our superstar Kim Fly.
She is the 1st place fundraising winner for District 5240.
She raised $2,000 in donations. 
2021 Carpinteria Calendar
Carpinteria Morning Rotary Club's annual calendar sales have begun. As club Members, please buy, sell, and promote. Proceeds go to support our local community. Calendars are $15 each and include our local tide times.
Speak to Beth Cox about volunteering to sell calendars at the Farmers Market.
President's Message
Greetings my Rotary family!
As 2020 creeps closer to a close, we can all reflect on what an extraordinary year of sadness and difficulties it has indeed brought for many. But, as a group we have weathered this storm with tremendous grace and dignity to push through the tough times by giving of ourselves to help those in need. From our work with the Foodbank, to our help packaging and delivering food through the 93013 Fund, and there is the work we did cleaning up Tomol Park, and off course our fundraising for Polio, and our final big fundraiser, helping our local Carpinteria businesses,  Carp Aid Diem. I am proud of each and every one of you.
I so truly miss seeing everyone for warm Wednesday greetings and hugs. I have found that this year the need to be thankful for every single day we have and finding all the little moment to moment blessings in our everyday life is truly what Thanksgiving Day is all about to me. I am so thankful for every day I find myself still here able to smile and to laugh. The big traditional family turkey meal is delightful to share but the reality is that it’s about who is there than what is there in the times we can’t all be physically together.
For me it helps to reflect on the joy of times past and the planning for new times to share. So in that thought! We are planning a Zoom Holiday party with a sweet surprise delivered to your door. It will be on the Friday, December 18th at 7PM I hope you can wait to open your gift from the club until the zoom meeting so we can share the joy.  
Karen Glancy
President, Carpinteria Morning Rotary 

Carp Aid Diem 

In just over 6 weeks the Carpinteria Morning Rotary Club raised over $8,000 in sales and over $10,000 in gift card spending money for 20 local Carpinteria businesses. Cheers and congratulations to all those who coordinated this extraordinary fundraising effort. The sales concluded on December 5. Gift Cards are available for pick-up at the Murphy King office.
November Member of the Month
Mary Layman
Mary Layman is our November Member of the Month. She spearheaded a community wide cause creating Carp Aid Diem. Without her leadership, commitment, and dedication, this fundraiser could not have been possible. Thank you Mary!